Escape to the world of Uniques United

Escape to the world of Uniques United Uniques United is a series about six sibling mice that travel between two worlds - one of modern-day civilization with its comforts and conveniences, and the other being a medieval world of fantasy and magic. The parents of these six children have gone missing, and are thought to be extremely far from home. How they vanished is a mystery; one that the kids are slowly trying to piece together. Their names are Neil, Daniel, Andrew, Stanley, Simon, and Miranda. Together with their parents and maternal grandparents, they make up the Krevesteen family.

The parents vanished two years ago and since then, the kids have had to raise themselves, with help from their grandparents who live close by. The secret portal which connects the modern world to the medieval realm is powered by a strange mainframe computer which somehow has the capability to process both data and magic, drawing from some mysterious power.

Uniques United features a gigantic world with a story which has no beginning and no end. Rather, it fans out in all directions. As a matter of fact, no one knows how this journey will unfold but with every year that passes, the world of Uniques United grows in richness and complexity as each character explores the world around them as well as within them.

Main Characters

Meet Neil!

Gender - Male  |  Age - 16

Accent - American  |  Height - 5 ft 7 in

Occupation - Apprentice Wizard, Artist

Neil is an apprentice wizard currently studying under a powerful archmage. In the world of Jipto, there are different schools of magic and many different kinds of spells. Mages typically specialize in one school of magic as their forte but are by no means restricted from the others. Neil happens to be an Air Mage, commanding the forces of electricity, wind, weather, and various atmospheric forces. He can even summon tornado-shaped elemental spirits to support him in combat and aid him in other ways.

By day, Neil shows promise as a mage with good mentors and proper instruction. But by night, he loves nothing more than to pick up a pencil and doodle away on his sketchbook. Neil is an artist and is astonishingly creative. Neil designs tapestries for clients on his computer and has a budding passion for architecture. The price he pays for such artistic talent, however, is that he is very self-critical of his work and has large holes in his self-esteem. Neil also has an avoidant personality, sometimes leading to chronic feelings of loneliness deep inside. Worse still, he refuses to talk about it or even acknowledge that he has issues, being a painful subject to bring up for a yet unknown reason. But if you can get him to lower his guard, Neil is an absolute sweetheart.

Meet Daniel!

Gender - Male  |  Age - 17

Accent - American  |  Height - 6 ft, 4 in

Occupation - Detective, City Commander

Daniel is the eldest brother. He carries a tremendous amount of power and authority for someone so young. He is a city commander and a detective, working for a medieval king and his capital city. His job is mainly to investigate strange happenings, write reports about them, and decide who picks up the task of solving the issue. He also will assemble the city guards and defend the capital in the case of a siege or major incident.

Daniel has a charming personality with wit, smarts, and savvy to spare. He's also very blunt and will often use internet slang during conversations with medieval folk. Daniel has been known to carry certain objects from the modern world into the land of Arturius, much to the amazement and bewilderment of the locals. He is the type that will bring an anti-tank rifle to a dragon-slaying quest, just because he can, and because he finds it amusing. Daniel also carries a strange affliction that causes him to suffer periodic sensory and neurological phenomena, such as hallucinations, memory loss, confusion, sensory anomalies, even derealization. Fortunately, none of the episodes have caused his brain or body any permanent damage or loss of function. Some say that deep within him lies an uncanny survival instinct that guides him whenever he's in trouble or unable to distinguish what he sees from what actually exists.

Meet Simon!

Gender - Male  |  Age - 13

Accent - British  |  Height - 4 ft, 6 in

Occupation - Diplomat, Tinkerer

Simon is a young chap who is just entering his teenage years. He is gifted with a powerful mind and a golden tongue. His greatest power is his ability to influence people, with negotiating abilities that the king of Auturius regularly employs. Simon is a diplomat and a kindhearted soul with a special kind of innocent charm. Aside from this, he also tinkers with gadgets and weapons of various kinds. He runs the secret laboratory that houses a conduit portal which connects the medieval world to the modern world.

Simon is one of the purest souls you will ever find but just like the rest of his family, he has his own crosses to bear. He suffers from post-traumatic stress and separation anxiety. His parents vanished two years ago and have not been seen since, leaving Simon puzzled and afraid for their safety. His separation anxiety torments him on particularly stressful days. His post-traumatic stress stems from an accident involving a large boulder that nearly crushed him to death at the age of 8. Ever since that incident, he has developed a terrible fear of anything falling on top of him and can be reduced to a nervous wreck as a result. But if he absolutely must, Simon will put aside even his worst spells of terror and brave himself through what he must.

Meet Miranda!

Gender - Female  |  Age - 16

Accent - American  |  Height - 5 ft, 4 in

Occupation - Bounty hunter, Head of household, Assassin in training

Miranda is the only sister of the six mice and is Neil's twin. She is tough as nails and takes flak from no one. She divides her time between managing the home, caring for her brothers while raising them too, and working for a branch of law enforcement known as the Vantner society, which are a guild of bounty hunters, assassins, walocks, and scouts. They hunt down the more serious and dangerous criminal offenders.

Miranda does not have a normal psychology anymore due to the rigors of her assassin's training with the Vantners. She likes to express her emotions through her actions, which can sometimes lead to violence. She has been trained to control and regulate her emotions but the one she has to watch out for the most is anger. She has the potential to unleash terrible carnage and terrorize anyone that causes her stress levels to reach a breaking point. But despite Miranda's dark, tough, spooky exterior, she is a fun-loving, sassy teenage girl underneath and wants to express more of that side. Miranda can also steal enemy powers, manipulate them, and stockpile them for later use.

Meet Andrew!

Gender - Male  |  Age - 10

Accent - British  |  Height - 4 ft, 3 in

Occupation - Kid

Andrew is a kid and may as well be your quintessential 10-year-old. He's hyperactive, impulsive, distractible, and sometimes a bit naughty. Andrew doesn't always like to play by the rules and needs to be supervised in social situations. He's a kid. However, he's clever, has a strong survival instinct, and possesses a running speed that is hard to match by any creature with two legs. In practical terms, he's slippery and hard to catch, and he adapts quickly to new environments and situations. He typically has an ace up his sleeve, a gadget, and an item or two in his back pocket. His quick thinking has saved him many times.

The biggest countermeasure to his occasional misbehavior is Miranda. Andrew has felt the wrath of her scalp-burning noogies and pants-splitting wedgies, and will think twice before crossing her. But despite Miranda's fearsome brand of parental discipline, she wants Andrew to enjoy the rest of his childhood before he crosses over into adolescence and is forced to reckon with the more advanced and complex matters of life. Andrew is the last true child in the family and there are some things a little kid doesn't need to have on his mind yet.

Meet Stanley!

Gender - Male  |  Age - 15

Accent - American  |  Height - 5 ft, 5 in

Occupation - Warrior, Infiltrator

Stanley grew up without many of the natural instincts and fears that keep a person alive. Born with a medical condition that shuts off his ability to perceive pain, Stanley is constantly running into risk of bodily harm. To compensate for the dangers that this poses, Stanley keeps his body in excellent physical condition through rigorous training. He is also a master of melee combat and can use a variety of weaponry. "Anything you throw at me can be turned into a weapon." That's his motto.

Stanley also has an affinity for demonic creatures, the undead, and the occult. Driven by curiosity after acquiring his own special set of powers, Stanley set out on a mission to learn more about himself as well as his knack for channeling demonic energy. As a result, Stanley has made a colorful network of friends and acquaintances, each lending a piece of their wisdom and their culture. Stanley's physical conditioning, his combat skills, and his access to dark energies make him a force to be reckoned with. He just has to make sure not to overexert himself and see a doctor regularly to check him for anything that could threaten his health, since Stanley isn't always able to detect such things on his own.

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